Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Doing The Knowledge and digging The Knocks

Doing the knowledge is a much undervalued education. The best mate reckons it's harder than doing a degree. Although he's never embarked on one of those himself and I've never done the knowledge, I'm inclined to agree with him.

Given the extraordinary level of detail trainee cabbies are asked to recall at their appearances there can be little surprise it takes so long. There are even stories of some long-suffering cabbies taking a decade to complete what can take as little as two (it's unlikely anyone with full-time work has achieved this in recent years).

It's expected that cabbies learn roads and landmarks around town, but what if some destinations no longer exist? While waiting at the bus stop yesterday evening a baffled chap with a Polish accent asked me if I knew Dick Shepherd School, clearly marked on his map. He couldn't find it because it closed down in 1995.

Here's an infectious new-disco treat from New York production duo The Knocks. Apparently they gave themsleves the moniker because when they started recording irate neighbours would, yes, knock on their walls. Be wary of any act called The STDs.

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