Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Egg-splattered BNP leader complains: "They could've separated the whites"

It was hard to know what was funnier yesterday. Unite Against Facism's attempt to make a Nick Griffin omelette on College Green:

Or going on my first proper "date" in about eight years.

Borough has arguably the best selection of pubs in London and is also my favourite overall area of the city. The former probably has some bearing on the latter. On the seemingly endless bus journey there I wondered if anyone actually does "date" any more.

Most relationships I could think of, including previous ones of my own, began as friendships that moved on when they took a physical turn for the better.

This is much easier, unforced way of doing things than the whole bullshit world of dating, which is often akin to a series of ghastly job interviews.

There's also the uncomplicated fun of the one-night stand but that's another kettle of bream entirely.

Conversation with my date flowed as hilariously as it did the night we met. On that occasion she approached my mate and I in Koko to claim we looked homosexual purely on the basis of an animated discussion we were having.

This night was less confrontational but far kinkier.

Credit where it's due: Headline paraphrased from a joke emailed by the best mate.

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  1. Is that an "egg plant" at 2:17?