Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Top Aussie electro sickness hits London

Grafton Primary are the latest Kangaroo-tying-down loons to try breaking London.

Just to get all the stereotypical stuff out the way quickly they don't work in shit pubs, sing Rolf Harris tunes or bang on about disgusting yeast-based spreads.

Instead they dance like chickens, play louder than the apocalypse and pretty much slap fellow top-rate Aussie dance crews including Pendulum and Cut Copy into the dust.

It helps when you dress like Mad Max's idiot nephews and rock mullets that even Billy Ray Cyrus would deem too silly, but damn this is squat-rave Oz-style and at Cargo last night, their first UK performance went down like a beaut' to the small band of expats and hopeful Londoners that bothered to attend. You dags.
, Cut Copy, Pendulum

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