Wednesday, 8 July 2009

2009: Just say no

Yesterday I took the above photo. It wasn't the final straw that sent me cackling insanely through school corridors with a heap of explosives and a rusty sawn-off, but it is one minor example of this year and how dog-rapingly shit it has been. Grey skies in July are more London than complaining about uselss public transport, but this was another depressing downpour that blew the last lightbulb of normality in my head.

If I could confidently say I was the only one hating 2009 and everything about it, OK. But surely there hasn't been a consensus like this in living memory: 2009 is the worst year in human history. Ever. You may find someone who disagrees but they're either lying, an idiot or so privilged they deserve a slap just for breathing.

This year is now over. Today is effectively New Year's Eve and tomorrow is 2010. To wax governmental, this year is not fit for purpose, so I'm boycotting the fucker. I refuse to recognise it, regardless of temporal and societal norms.

2009, you won't be missed.

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