Thursday, 9 July 2009

Bo' man chooses Clash correctly

Of the many fine hostelries visited in NW1, NW5 and NW3 (in order of chrono-
logical arrival rather than anything else) yesterday only one offered outdoor table tennis.

Photo is of the trusty best mate practicing on said table in the beer garden of The Old Eagle.

Despite the violent and sporadic showers beer gardens were clearly the place for a pair of jokers in north London because top telly chap Leigh Francis was supping a pint and hunched over a Mac with a writing partner out the back of The Abbey Tavern.

It would've been too predictable to quote a Bo' Selecta! catchphrase, even though Avid Merrion in particular is a brilliant creation. So instead I asked him and his pal the only question that really matters.

Like all right-thinking people they both prefer The Clash to The Pistols.
Here's top yank harmonica fiend Son Of Dave getting his Dizzee on. What would the Bow MC hero make of it..?

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